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All Slate River Corporation products are available for individual purchase. Our policy is to provide the best product possible for the least expensive price with the best possible service. In general purchasing a single item is the most expensive way to purchase these products. Prior to ordering please review your requirements to determine if purchasing an entire kit may be more cost effective. Volume discounts are available for multiple purchases of the same items.
Description Part Number
Class Unknown DCCF 01  
Class "A" DCCF 02  
Class "B" DCCF 03  
Class "C" DCCF 04  
Class "D" DCCF 05  
Unknown DCCF 06  
White DCCF 07  
Black DCCF 08  
Unclassified DCCF 09  
Chill Water DCCF 11  
Electrical Cooling Water DCCF 12  
Fire Main DCCF 13  
Fuel Oil DCCF 14  
Hydraulic Oil DCCF 15  
JP-5 DCCF 16  
Lube Oil DCCF 17  
Pressurized Air DCCF 18  
Potable Water DCCF 21  
Steam DCCF 22  
Salt Water DCCF 23  
Point of Weapon Impact DCCF 24  
Fragmentation DCCF 25  
Debris DCCF 27  
Hole in Deck DCCF 28  
Hole Overhead DCCF 29  
Hole in Bulkhead DCCF 30  
Structural Damage DCCF 31  
Jammed Access DCCF 32  
Electrical Power Lost DCCF 33  
Electrical Damage DCCF 34  
Casualty Power DCCF 35  
Casualty Power Lost DCCF 36  
Communications Lost DCCF 37  
Mechanical Failure DCCF 38  
Mechanical Damage DCCF 39  
Hazmat/Toxic Spill DCCF 40  
Chemical Hazard DCCF 41  
Biological Hazard DCCF 42  
Radiation Hazard DCCF 43  
Unexploded Ordnance DCCF 44  
Heat Transfer DCCF  45  
Flooding DCCF 46  
Storage Bag DCP 01  
User's Manual DCP 02  
Red Strobe Light DCP 03  
Amber Strobe Light DCP 04  
Blue Strobe Light DCP 05  
Sounds of Damage CD DCP 06  
Water Level (Blue) DCP 07  
Water Level (Green) DCP 08  
Storage Bag (Small) DCP  09  

For enquiries about or to order the Damage Control training aids listed on this web site, please contact us at the email address below..

Email Address:  sales@slaterivercorp.com

Telephone: 757.777.7531

Fax:  757.479.6874