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Slate River Corporation damage control bags meet the standards and specifications set by the NAVAL SEA SYSTEM COMMAND for Damage Control Repair Stations. Custom lettering available at additional charge.

Sample Image

Adapters Kit Royal Blue DCKB 01
Banding Tool Kit Royal Blue DCKB 02
CPS Repair Kit Hunter Green DCKB 03
De-smoking Kit Dark Grey DCKB 04
De-watering Kit Navy Blue DCKB 05
EWARP Kit Royal Blue DCKB 06
Electrical Repair Kit Fluorescent Orange DCKB 07
Fuse Brown DCKB 07A
Emergency Comms Kit Fluorescent Orange DCKB 08
Emergency Lighting Kit Fluorescent Yellow DCKB 09
Emergency LAN Kit Fluorescent Orange DCKB 10
Engineering Space Kit Blue/Brown DCKB 11
Gas Free Kit Hunter Green DCKB 12
Investigator Kit Tan DCKB 13
Pipe Patching Kit Royal Blue DCKB 14
Plugging Kit Navy Blue DCKB 15
Portable Pump Kit Royal Blue DCKB 16
Shoring Tool Kit Brown DCKB 17
Nails  Brown DCKB 17A
Welding Equipment Kit Black DCKB 18
Monitoring Kit Hunter Green DCKB 19
Submarine Band-it Kit DCKB 20
Submarine Material Kit DCKB 21
Glove Bag DCGB01
High Visibility Utility Belt and Pouch DCHVB01

For enquiries about or to order the Damage Control training aids listed on this web site, please contact us at the email address below..

Email Address:  sales@slaterivercorp.com

Telephone: 757.777.7531

Fax:  757.479.6874